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Use the Mobile Escape Game as a useful interruption of your training session

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What role do your people take within a group?

Looking for a challenging addition to your training day? Look no further and choose group-escape! While playing the Mobile Escape Game, it becomes very clear what role people take in a group. Observe the group process and mirror their behavior in a group, or use it as a relaxing break of a day of training.

The Mobile Escape Game for training consists of 6 mobile 'escape boxes', which can be used for training groups up to 25 people. For training for larger groups, the capacity can be expanded to 125 people with the use of 30 boxes. Each box contains challenging puzzles, hidden hatches and technically surprising elements. Five teams of 3/5 people compete against each other to solve as many boxes as possible within the agreed time.

The boxes can be placed at any location you can think of. For example, play in the lobby of a hotel so that in the meantime lunch can be set up in the training room, play on the roof of the conference center or in the company canteen.

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Observe unconsciously used behavior

A fun activity with a competitive element makes people fanatical. If you are fanatical, your true nature will be more easily revealed; your unconsciously initiated behavior. What role do the people in your group take? Who is dominant? Who is analytical? Who monitors the group process and who thinks out-of-the-box?

You can use all this valuable information in your sales or management training, or to determine the ideal team composition. Book group-escape as part of your training, or opt for a fully-cared-for training from one of our partners.

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Book group-escape as part of a training session. Contact us for a complete customized training!

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