Group-escape for teambuilding

With group-escape as a teambuilding activity you get to know your colleagues in a fun and competitive way.

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Build your team with group-escape

Are you looking for ideas for a teambuilding activity? You're on the right track with group-escape! With this Mobile Escape Room Experience you get to know your colleagues in a challenging way. Who will take which role within your team? Who is dominant? Who is snowed under by creative enthusiasm? Who is analytical or result-oriented?

Whether your team consists of 25, 50, 100 or 500 people, we guarantee your teambuilding activity wil be a success.

Each game, up to 25 teams of 5 people will compete with each other. The goal? Solve as many of the 30 Escape Boxes as possible within the agreed time! Each box contains unique puzzles, hidden hatches, smart techniques and surprising elements. Accompanied by our enthusiastic game-masters, your teambuilding activity is guaranteed to be a success.

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Benefits for you

  • Possible for large groups
  • Play at every location you can think of, both inside and outside
  • Your teambuilding activity completely taken care of

Curious about how group-escape works? Watch the video.

Add a trainer

Want the maximum result from your team building activity? Then add a trainer as an extra option.

A Kenneth Smit trainer observes the roles within your team and evaluates these in a customized training session. The session gives your team members insight into how they can deploy their own role within the team, to get the maximum out of everyone's qualities. You can opt for a standard offer, but also for tailor-made solutions.

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